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CTK Acoustics (0.35 m²) 3.6mm !

Kods: 11722

Automobile vibration and noise isolation “Acoustics” - self-adhesive material which basis is butyl rubber. Products produced under this trademark is characterized by excellent operational properties and is designed for the motorists appreciating comfort and ready to pay for quality. 
Depending on appointment, material is reinforced by various materials, for example, aluminum foil or an isobosom which provide additional mechanical protection of vibration insulation, and also increases its noise-absorptive properties. At installation sheets of material don't demand heating and easily fasten on a surface of any complexity.
Cena par 1 lapu: 700 х 500 mm (0,35 m2)  - 9,50 EUR
1m2 - 27.14 EUR
Cena par 10 lapu: 700 х 500 mm  (3,50 m2)  - 79.00 EUR
1m2 - 22,57 EUR - 1 iepakošana, ja tiek pirkts vesels iepakojums.(Jūsu ekonomija - 16.00 EUR !)


Cena par 1 m2:
22.57 EUR
noliktavā: 24
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