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Opel Gateway 100 (GW16OC1); CD 30 MP3/ DVD 100

User manual (genuine)

  • Play your iPod or iPhone through the car stereo, using the car radio controls to browse and select your choices. Use your iPod in car. Use your iPhone in car.
  • Display track information on the screen, or information display, in your car
  • Retain the original dashboard aesthetic
  • Charge your iPod/iPhone while driving
  • Auxiliary input for other audio devices

Use your iPod with your car stereo! The Dension iGateway brings you maximum control of your iPod, with minimum fuss.  This iPod connector opens up the car’s original audio system to allow the playback of iPod music, through your entertainment system’s speakers. Hide your iPod away in the glove box and you can control its functions using the controls on your radio. Depending on your car’s display capability, you will see song information displayed on your radio or information cluster* including title, artist, album name, or where you are in the menus.

*The ability to display text depends on the display capability of your car. As a rough guide, if your car radio displays song titles when playing a CD, it is probably capable of displaying your iPod track information.


  • 1A iPod and iPhone charging by default
  • Song information (ID3-tag) and menu browsing
  • 3.5mm auxiliary input jack
  • Retain original dashboard aesthetics

Package contents:

  • Hardware
  • Car side harness
  • Installation and user guide
  • iPod dock cable or cradle

Optional accessories:

To find the right Gateway iPod adapter for your car, click the compatibility tab below (Documentation selection).

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