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Hertz HCP 2MX marine (AB class) power amplifier (2-channel).

Hertz HCP 2MX (AB klase) jūras pastiprinātājs (2-kanālu).
Hertz HCP 2MX (AB klase) jūras pastiprinātājs (2-kanālu).

HCP 2 MX marine amplifier feature a compact design ready to face the open water environment, providing tons of clean power. The HCP M heat sink has been crafted from extruded aluminium, a material unmatched for lightness, robustness and heat dissipation.
To keep size to a minimum, the power transistors are placed between the PCB and the top side of the heat sink where heat is gathered. Built up heat is then directed to the special dissipation “wings” along the side of the amplifier.
Both Pre-In and Speaker-In inputs feature a special balanced circuitry, ensuring high rejection against electro-magnetic interferences for noise-free results.
The HCP M amplifiers crossover section ensure extreme flexibility: fully adjustable Lo-pass, Hi-pass filters with 12 dB/Oct. and 24 dB/Oct. slopes according to the amplifier model; Bass Boost is also available to enhance low frequencies.
More specifically HCP 2 MX features Hi-Pass pre-amplified outputs, providing the ability to create a Band-Pass on the front woofer.
Vairāk informācijas
Automašīnu markas
Universāls (visiem auto modeļiem)
Nomināla jauda RMS (4 Ω), W
2 x 120
Nomināla jauda RMS (2 Ω), W
2 x 200
Nomināla jauda RMS (Tilta, 4 Ω), W
400 x 1
Frekvenču diapazons (Hz)
10 - 65000
Signal/noise ratio, dB
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